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Picnic Natural Baby Food - Porridge for 10mo & up

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Picnic Baby ready to eat meals for babies 6mo, 10mo and 12mo and up. May also be eaten by adults. Healthy meal that is easy to prepare anytime, anywhere!

Product Details:

  • No food coloring and preservatives
  • No wheat and dairy
  • No added salt and sugar
  • All natural ingredients
  • Each pack already includes a spoon

 Picnic baby is a handy & delicious supplementary food for babies on-the-go. With a spoon in the box, your baby can enjoy Picnic Baby anytime, anywhere.

What Inside Picnic Baby?

Natural and selective ingredients are used to make Picnic Baby a healthy, safe, and tasty baby food. Modern and sanitary processing technology ensures that the food can maintain as many nutrients as possible. Picnic Baby products have been tested and tasted by babies to ensure that your loved ones, too, would enjoy Picnic Baby food.

Retort Pouch Technology

Each retort pouch is hot filled with flash-pasteurized food, sealed, and then heat-treated in a steam/hot water retort vessel to achieve commercial sterilization just to make sure that they are free from germs.


Open the pouch and ready to feed, or simply put the pouch in hot water for 3 minutes before serve


- Do not put the package into the microwave (just dip the retort pouch in hot water for 3 minutes)

- Once opened, the product must be stored in the refrigerator and consumed within 24 hours

- Do not feed the baby if the products seem unusual

- Do not feed baby younger than 6 months old