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Banz® Baby Earmuffs (Printed)

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Start baby out right with hearing protection habits that will last a lifetime and protect them from permanent noise-induced hearing damage! Baby earmuffs make a great baby shower gift!


The BANZ® Baby Earmuffs ear protectors effectively attenuate harmful loud noises without shutting out other ambient sounds.


Baby Earmuffs are easy to wear, with a low profile and no protruding parts that can catch on things. The wide, foam-filled cushions ensure that the set doesn't squeeze uncomfortably, and there is plenty of space for the ears inside the shells. BANZ® Baby Earmuffs have a comfy leather-like cover over the headband to ensure all over comfort!! The weight is also important to comfort; each headset weighs just 142 grams.

Perfect for all sorts of activities including:

  • helping out to mow the yard or with workshop projects

  • going to sporting events, car races or air shows

  • water skiing, boating and other water sports, music concerts or band rehearsals

  • watching shooting or gun competitions and hunting

  • calming young children in noisy environments

Product Details:

  • Over-ear design

  • Provides hearing protection from loud noises

  • Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand for easy storage/carry

  • Soft head band and cushion cups ensure comfort for little ones

  • 3 months - 2 years

  • Safety Tested for newborns 0-3 months - See the size chart for details

What ages are the Earmuffs for?
Ear muffs can be worn by children of all ages. However, we recommend that they are not used for children less than 6 months old. This is due to the fact that newborns heads are quite soft and the ear muffs are a reasonably tight fit.

PLEASE NOTE: This is ONLY A RECOMMENDATION. We have had customers use our ear muffs on children less than 6 months with no problems whatsoever. Should you find the ear muffs to be tight, they can be stretched slightly. Simply place two chairs back to back, and stretch the ear muffs over the two chairs. After leaving the ear muffs for a while, they will have stretched by a small amount, making them a bit less tight when worn.


To ensure a proper fit - please be sure both ear cups fully surround the ears and make contact with the skull. There should be no large gaps between the wearer and the ear muffs. The sound protection level is dependent on a good fit- please size up if your child is on the larger side of the size scale.


 3 months - 2 years


 7.62 cm


 17.8 cm


 8.94 cm


 7 cm


What about newborns?

While Banz® Baby Earmuffs are rated for ages 0-2, the published suggested minimum age is 3 months as most Pediatricians recommend keeping newborns sheltered from loud noise exposure until at least this age. Please check with your pediatrician before exposing your child to loud noise environments.


Care: Hand wash or wipe down with soapy water, avoid wetting inside of the cup and foam

Warning: Always use this product with adult supervision.


  • Weight 142g (5 oz)

  • NRR 26.8dB

  • Mean Attenuation @ 500Hz 26.53dB

  • Mean Attentuation @ 1000Hz 40.53dB

BANZ® Kids Ear Protection meets multiple global safety standards including:

  • ANSI S3.19 (United States)

  • EN352-1: 1993 (Europe)