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Bandana Bib

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Drool, drool and more drool... Its a problem that almost every parent face when raising an infant. Drool can cause much aggrevation to both baby and parent, especially when baby is a heavy drooler. The constant drooling may cause itchy rashes for your baby.

That's why, these bandana bibs are crafted from a curated selection of the best fabrics.

  • 100% Organic Cotton - Ultra absorbent

  • Soft Cotton Terry - often used for soft and high water-absorbent towels, bathrobes

  • Quality Seams and Nickel-Free Snaps

Crafted with exclusively handpicked nifty prints on 100% organic cotton, double layered with plushy soft cotton terry, and put together with modernistic overlock stitching, and the final product: a functional and stylish staple bandana drool bib that instantly stands out. Every piece is handcrafted with quality materials and an extra dose of love.