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Mamajoo Breast Shell Set

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Mamajoo Breast Shell Set is designed to protect cracked or sensitive nipples from chafing during breastfeeding period, to prevent excess breastmilk wetting the clothes and to collect the leaking breast milk from the other breast to use later during breastfeeding or when using a breast pump. Mamajoo Breast Shells can be used by placing inside the mothers’ bra.

Mamajoo Breast Shells have holes on the upper sides to provide air circulation and help sore or cracked nipples heal quickly while the ultra soft cushions provide protection and help relieve engorgement with a gentle pressure. Their special design enables the breast milk inside is emptied easily.

Product Benefits:

  • Protect sore and cracked nipples

  • Collect the leaking breastmilk

  • Help relieve engorgement

  • The holes at the upper sides of the breast shells are designed to offer air circulation to help sore or cracked nipples heal quickly

  • The silicone comfort cushion provides maximum comfort and perfect fit

  • Help flat nipples to come out.

Warning: Leaving the breast milk collected during the day at room temperature may cause deterioration. Store the collected breast milk in the fridge or freezer soonest possible.