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Mamajoo Silicone Bottle Teats with Storage Box (Pack of 2)

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Mamajoo Bottle Teats are made of transparent, odourless and tasteless high quality silicone and do not contain Bisphenol-A and they are ideally soft for babies.

Mamajoo Bottle Teats are packed in a storage container to provide another user friendly and economical product as well as finding an environment friendly packaging solution. The storage container used at the packaging of Mamajoo bottle teats can be sterilised by boiling or using one of Mamajoo sterilizers and it is reusable to store teats hygienically

Product Advantages:

  • BPA- free, safe, reliable and healthy Mamajoo Bottle Teat is the ideal feeding product next to the breastfeeding with both it’s ergonomic design and anti-colic valve system.

  • Mamajoo Bottle Teats have anti-colic valves at the skirt base to allow air into the bottle to supply continuous liquid flow so that no air goes to your baby’s tummy during feeding to help reduce “infant colic”

  • Mamajoo Bottle Teats are produced from transparent, odourless and tasteless high quality silicone. They are ideally soft for each relevant month groups, smooth and easy to clean.

  • The flexible helix that stretches as nipple during feeding and the soft top of Mamajoo wide Bottle Teat are designed to give your baby a feeling as close as possible to the natural breastfeeding.

  • The storage container used at the packaging of Mamajoo Bottle Teats is reusable to store soothers hygienically.

  • Mamajoo Bottle Teats have 4 different flow rates to follow the needs and development of babies.


Mamajoo Bottle teats can be washed in dishwashers and can be sterilized with Mamajoo Sterilizers or by boiling for 5 minutes.