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Mamajoo Spoon and Fork Set

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Mamajoo Design Spoon & Fork Set is made of high quality European origin PP material which is allowed to manufacture baby products in Europe & USA and do not contain any harmful substances.

  • The ergonomic shape of Mamajoo Design Spoon & Fork Set is designed for tiny mouths while the handles are designed to enable tiny hands to hold and grip.

  • This ideal set helps babies to improve on their own.

  • Mamajoo Design Spoon & Fork Set is designed and produced to be flexible and at same time highly durable for ease of use.

  • The smoothly shaped mouth edge of mamajoo Design Spoon & Fork Set is designed by considering baby anatomy to fit to tiny mouths without any sharp egdes.

European Standards: EN 14372

USA Standard: F.D.A (21 C.F.R Part 177.1520)


Mamajoo Baby Design Spoon & Fork Set can be cleaned easily with soapy water, washed in the upper shelf of the dishwashers and sterilized with mamajoo Sterilizers or by boiling for 5 minutes. Do not use abrasive or anti-bacterial detergents.

What's Inside
  • 1 x mamajoo Design Spoon

  • 1 x mamajoo Design Fork