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Medela Colostrum Container (pack of 2)

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Medela's 35 mL colostrum container is designed with healthcare professionals and mothers in mind.  The curved bottom minimizes loss of colostrum or breast milk during transfer to a syringe.  The small size helps keep mothers motivated to pump by setting proper expectations of initial milk productions.

Product Details:

  • Panel for writing name, date and time.

  • Pumping capacity up to 20 mL.

  • Storage capacity up to 35 mL.

  • Freezer safe: Convenient for long term storage

  • Screw-on lid: Leak-proof seal with Medela containers

  • Ounce and milliliters: Easy-to-read measurements

  • Wide base: Helps eliminate tip-overs

  • Fits all Medela breast pumps

  • Sterile: Ready-to-use (unless package is opened or damaged)

  • Made without BPA: Safe for baby