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Nature to Nurture Bottle and Dish Wash (1000 ML)

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Nature to Nurture Baby Bottle and Dish Wash contains baking soda that targets milk film and odor. Its fragrance free formulation effectively removes grease, leaving bottles and dishes squeaky clean without soap residue*. Washing bottles now becomes fast and easy as it rinses clean, saving you time and water.

Safely cleans bottles, teats, sippy cups, dishes, utensils, plates, breast pump accessories, teethers, pacifiers, washable toys, pots & pans, lunchbox, water bottles and jugs, straws and even fruits and veggies (say goodbye to that waxy substance)!

Safe. Ultra-concentrated. Biodegradable. No nasty chemicals.

*residue testing conducted by SGS Philippines, Inc.


  • First bottle and dish wash that contains baking soda

  • Pioneer in the market for its fragrance free formulation

  • Cuts through food and milk residues

  • Rinses easily, uses less water, saves time.

  • Fragrance free

  • Safely cleans fruits and veggies

How to Use

Use 3 pumps to make 1 liter of soapy solution. Soak and wash using a sponge or bottlebrush. Rinse thoroughly using clean water. For vegetables and fruits, soak in a soapy solution and rinse under running water.