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Oxo Tot Baby Food Freezer Tray

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The OXO Tot Baby Food Freezer Tray is great for portioning, storing, and freezing baby food. It can also store breast milk, popsicle cubes, ice cubes, and other frozen liquid at just the right portions to avoid wastage. It’s flat, narrow shape and lid allow for convenient stacking to save valuable freezer space.

Thanks to its patented cover, Oxo Tot’s Freezer Tray releases cubes easily one at a time or as many as you need. The cover also makes it easy to stack multiple Trays, and eliminates freezer odor from permeating your cubes so baby food stays fresh. Each tray makes fourteen ¾-ounce portions.

Product Details:

  • Unique lid design releases one or multiple portions at a time.

  • Silicone lid protects from absorbing odors and freezer burn.

  • Innovative rounded ice cube shape releases cubes easily.

  • Comfortable handle for a firm grip.

  • Feet allow tray to stay stable in freezers.

  • Flat, narrow shape and lid allow for stacking to save freezer space.

  • Silicone lid is removable for easy cleaning.

  • Tray is top-rack dishwasher safe.

  • BPA, Phthalate, PVC Free. Dishwasher and freezer safe.

  • Each tray holds fourteen 0.75oz / 22ml cubes.

  • Product Weight: 0.3 pounds

  • Product Dimensions (in inches): 13 x 5 x 2

Care Instructions

Washing with warm soapy water will do. Do not expose any plastic / silicone product to extreme heat or UV as it may cause damage and increase wear and tear.