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Oxo Tot Feeding Spoon Set With Soft Silicone

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The OXO Tot Feeding Spoon makes feeding baby easy and less messy. This spoon has a protective food-grade silicone coating which is gentle on baby’s gums and mouth. The soft edges of the silicone can be used to scrape the last bit of sweet potato from the bowl or jar, or to gently wipe applesauce from baby’s face. The shallow Spoon prevents feeding baby too much food at once. A contoured handle is comfortable to hold and angled for easy feeding.

Product Details:

  • Silicone Spoon is soft on baby’s mouth and gums and effective for scraping food from bowls or messy faces.

  • Shallow Spoon head prevents feeding too much at once.

  • Contoured handle is angled for easy feeding.

  • BPA, Phthalate, PVC Free

  • Dishwasher Safe. it:

  • Silicone spoon is gentle on baby’s mouth

  • Convenient for scooping

  • Contoured handle provides an easy grip

  • Angled handle makes feeding easy

  • Stainless steel body offers durability

  • BPA-, phthalate- and PVC-free

  • Product Weight: 0.1 pounds

  • Product Dimensions (in inches): 9.9 x 4.3 x 0.9

Care Instructions

Washing with warm soapy water will do. Do not expose any plastic / silicone product to extreme heat or UV as it may cause damage and increase wear and tear.