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Razbaby RazBuddy Plush with Razberry Teether

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Part plush toy, part pacifier and teether, the RaZ-Buddy with Raz-berry makes a perfect companion for your little one. A soft, cozy, and adorable pal, its design keeps your baby's pacifier or teether close by and prevents it from getting lost, dropped, or misplaced. Plush toys are hand made with high quality plush from all new materials featuring embroidered eyes and no pellets. Machine Washable. Pacifier is made in the USA

The Razberry teether is included, but can be easily removed.

Raz-Berry Teether is a multi-textured berry bumps massage and stimulant. The original hands free Teether + Pacifier used to soothe baby's sore gums during teething. It is BPA-Free, Safe and made from 100% soft food grade silicone. Freezer friendly - provides extra soothing comfort to sore gums. For babies 3+ Months.

The Razbaby Razberry teether is an essential for teething babies! It's unique design, combining a silicone teether and pacifier in one, makes this item a must have!

What’s included

1 Razbuddy Plush toy, 1 Razberry teether (red)