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Soondoongi Softmate Dry Wipes Premium 30's

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Dry, thick baby wipe cloths with a soft texture ideal for using as dry gentle towels or with water as wet wipes.

Product Details:

  • Smooth, thick baby wipes are specially designed to quickly absorb liquids as they comfortably cleanse your baby’s delicate skin

  • Does not contain any chemicals or preservatives

  • Can be used as dry or wet wipes

  • Has versatile purposes can be used for baby care, skin care, cosmetics, personal hygiene, dishcloths, cleaning, as a kitchen towel, and more

  • Soft, thick, large rayon sheets feel plush to the touch

  • 100% organic and biodegradable

How to Use

Can be used as dry or wet wipes. Simply pour clean water on desired surface.


100% Rayon