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Wink Postpartum Ultra Bikini

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This compression garment is seamless under clothing, offering TWO LAYERS of silky medical compression material, the Wink Shapewear Ultimate Postpartum Ultra bikini provides compression and support during your first 8 weeks of postpartum recovery and post abdominal surgeries recovery.

Besides postpartum recovery, this bikini can also be worn as a shapewear and is ideal for someone looking for a strong but yet soft compression garment to smooth out love handles and back fat rolls.

This compression garment helps eliminates lax skin, baby pooch following a delivery and abdominal surgeries.


  • 3 layers of hook and eye closures at the side to adjust for different waistline

  • 3 layers of eye and hook closures at crotch area to adjust for different torso height

  • Thick band at the top prevents garment from rolling down the stomach when sitting

  • Highly suitable for use after pregnancy, C section and other abdominal surgeries

  • Bikini Length

  • Compression level : High


How to Measure: Pregnant

For less than 7 months pregnant women:

Choose 2 sizes up from your pre-pregnancy waist line.

For 7-month pregnant women OR as long as there's already a bump:

(Underbust + Biggest part of the tummy) minus 6 inches, and divide by 2. Get the size where your measurement will fall under.

Example: Underbust is 33, biggest part of the belly is 40.

Computation: (33 + 40 - 6) divide by 2 = 33.5 (Choose size: LARGE)

How to Measure: Not Pregnant

For non pregnant women:

(Curve of waist + Waist along the belly button) and divide by 2.

Get the size where your measurement will fall under.