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Wonder Child Soft Blocks (11 pieces)

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What is Wonder Child soft blocks?

Wonder Child soft blocks offers a fresh and fun way of promoting free play to children while making the experience safe for them. Playing with blocks helps promote their creativity, sensory growth and problem solving skills.

What are the soft blocks made of? Is it safe for my kids?

Wonder Child soft blocks are manufactured in Taiwan. The blocks are made from food contact grade thermoplastic rubber, which are tested as per US FDA standard. The blocks are also compliant to the standards under US HR4040 or the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act -so they are safe and non-toxic. Oh, and the blocks smell like vanilla macaron too!


Just use baby-safe cleansers or rinse with soap and warm water to clean the blocks. Please limit the heat exposure of the blocks to less than 80°C. Allow the blocks to cool afterwards to avoid deformation.

Can I clean the soft blocks with my UV sterilizer?

The products have not been tested with UV sterilizers. We do not recommend for now.

What’s Inside

11 soft blocks